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KnitWarm EyeMask helps you fall asleep

KnitWarm EyeMask is embedded seamlessly with smart textile that warms up to 40°C with the feeling of comforting with warm hands and helps reduce tension and fatigue by stimulating blood circulation around the eyes. Warming the eyes not only helps people fall asleep but can also ease jet lag symptoms. From now until end of June, we are offering 25% off for our KnitWarm EyeMask. Simply order online and free delivery for any purchase in Hong Kong or >HK$1000 for overseas order.https://www.knitwarm.com/eyemask

It integrates breathable knit and seamless tailoring to offer the ultimate comfort to wearers, and is extremely light at only 18 grams in weight and 2 mm in thickness. The advanced 3D design prevents wearers from feeling any discomfort after wearing for a long time, and meanwhile, it offers the best opaque condition by inducing a state of darkness for quality sleep. The control panel or smartphone application with 5 adjustable heat-setting levels and a built-in timer ensures a 15-minute heat therapy at preferred temperature each time and offers the wearer an utmost comfort and safety, once connecting with a 5V2A power bank. With the warmth, the EyeMask not only keeps out the light but also creates a more soothing touch to your eyes, thus EyeMask is an ideal travel companion. It is an on-the-go therapy for digital eye strain by viewing digital screens for extended periods, or wellbeing. Keen on every detail. Seamless stretchable slits for threading the fabric cable are to avoid cable making contact with the skin for a better user experience. Skin-friendly materials keep the skin healthy. A 3D knitting travel pouch is specially designed to keep the EyeMask.

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