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Knit Warm has been filed patent protection application. 

SilverTech FaceMask

Natural water-resistant outer layer 

  •  100% ultra dense Australian Merino wool Optim woven fabric. 


Hypo-allogenic inner knitted layer - 

  1. The pure silver coated yarn offers antibacterial and odour resistant function

  2. Long staple cotton knitted with silver is great for absorbing moisture and ideal for sensitive skin.


Functional design: insert a filter between the layers for better health protection

SilverTech FaceMask

The inner layer of the SilverTech FaceMask was knitted with the use of the pure silver coated yarn, which is the core material of KnitWarm and provides antibacterial function naturally even after multiple washes.


For the outer shell, extreme tightened 100% Australian Merino wool Optim fabric is used. With the support from the Woolmark Company Hong Kong office, the material undertaken water resistant tests and the certified report is obtained. It supports water repellency ability to expel water in contact and hence provides extra protection against droplets or splashes.


Silver Tech FaceMask with the dual functions of natural antibacterial and fluid-resistant is preserved even after multiple washes.  

naturally functional

KnitWarm發熱系列利用導電導熱效能極佳鍍上純銀的紗線製作而成,而『銀』亦有天然抗菌效能,於是我們把原本用作生產KnitWarm 的鍍銀紗製作成口罩內層。較早時的初步測試,已確認了抗菌的功效。


而口罩外層我們選擇了澳洲美麗諾羊毛Optim布,此布料緻密結構拒水,可讓口罩防止飛沫滲透,在香港The Woolmark Comapny的協助下,防水測試結果顯示,此物料是製作口罩的合適之選。



天然抗菌 緻密性防水

澳洲美麗諾羊毛拉伸技術 (Optim),以緻密結構 抗水。


內層親膚抗菌, 柔軟貼臉







SilverTech FaceMask is designed with the overlap-opening on both sides for inserting a filter in-between for better health protection.


Besides, users positive experiences is also considered in designing the SilverTech FaceMask to ensure better fit on different wearers, for instance the stoppers for adjusting the length of ear loops, the shape-memory polymer for nose bridge adjustment and elastic binding at the bottom mask edge.


SilverTech FaceMask is our masterpiece, contributed by a group of Hong Kong experienced craftsmen and also professional knowledge of Textile Technology. 


SilveTech FaceMask is 100% made in Hong Kong and fully committed in building prospect of Hong Kong community.

design features