Comfy warmer

The 3-in-1 beanie is a multi-functioned innovative stylish tubular knits for offering warmth and keeping ultimately comfortable. 


  • Providing warmth to the back of the ears and head

  • Wearing as face warmer / toasty neck warmer

3-in-1 ビーニー

3-in-1 ビーニーは様々な使い方ができ、暖かさと快適さをもたらすイノベーティブでスタイリッシュな、チューブニットです。


  • 耳と頭を温めます。

  • フェイスウォーマーやネックウォーマーとしてもお使い頂けます。 

stay warm in style

The merino wool beanie gives a good stretch. The beanie will stay on your head comfortably and snugly.  It can just be worn around the neck to give you warm without worrying about loose ends as a normal scarf.



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Knit Warm has been filed patent protection application.