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Shawl-NeckPillow 2-in-1

Travel essential

A personal lightweight blanket / pillow convertible on the go with intelligent warmth. The next to skin area of NeckPillow is embedded with the patented KnitWarm technology, which heats up with a 5V2A rechargeable power bank. You can enjoy the thermal relaxation therapy to your neck, shoulder, waist or even calf with adjustable heat-setting levels. Turning out the shawl from pillow, it can be wrapped around your shoulder, as well as covered your lap like a blanket.





Natural material

It is a prefect integration of nature and technology.  Using ultra fine merino wool, Shawl-NeckPillow comes with natural benefits, such as moisture management, staying fresh, better temperature control, etc.  This project is supported by the Woolmark Company.



KnitWarm除了提供創新的柔軟溫熱功能,配合澳洲美麗諾羊毛交織,為產品帶來天然效益,包括細緻、舒適、高透氣性、及優化溫度調節等。企劃得到The Woolmark Company支持。

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