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Let's warm up the community together.  Please contact us if you want to collaborate with us. 

KnitWarm X Goods Of Desire

Dai Pai Dong Stool Exhibition

Rediscover the geometric patterns that were commonly seen in home decor during the 1960s and 1970s. We have reinvented furniture textile design by incorporating Hong Kong's patented heat-conductive smart textile technology, bringing back the warmth of memories. Through the synergy of textile technology and creative design, our KnitWarm stool cover transforms a cold and rigid stool into a cozy seat.

KnitWarm stools2 copy.jpg

KnitWarm X Genau Studio X STORE by PolyU Fashion

Color KnitWarm from nature.

Let you understand textile innovation and sustainability can be harmonized together, and the updated natural dye methodology

agape • IVO • KnitWarm X Chicks ReMIX

We embrace traditional brand identities with a revolutionary approach — an integration of art, lifestyle, technology, and sustainability. This capsule collection indicates the brand identity throughout seven decades of her reputation of the refined qualities of textiles and intimate apparel plus heart-warming customer services. This lifestyle collection is correlated of enjoying life with your beloved ones from the past to the coming future. 


Keiko X KnitWarm X
Dor Dor Academy

Keiko and KnitWarm join forces and work with Dor Dor Academy to bring joy and warm creations into the pet-loving community.

KnitWarm X ideasfromlife

This crossover lanyard and holder offer additional tech and better durability.

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