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Warmth around you

WarmerBand offers handy and sustainable heat therapy for people suffering from pain or discomfort. Applies to the elderly with chronic back pain or athletes after workout, or workers at outdoor conditions or long-distance travellers who are vulnerable to hurt or suffer lumbar muscle strain, stiffness, arthritis or ladies suffering from pelvic pain.


體貼腰間 柔軟暖敷

「智能保健暖帶」柔軟舒適,具彈性能緊貼腰間,可按需要移動腰帶至需要暖敷的部位,體貼暖腰、腹部或膊頭等位置。配合智能控制器或手機應用程式 隨個人喜好調教五段溫熱及時限,更能記憶穿戴者最舒適的溫熱選擇,下次再開啟時,「智能保健暖帶」便會自動設置到已記憶的溫熱選擇。


Fashionable gadget

WarmerBand is thin, ultrasoft and stretchable, which fits well on your waist, and KnitWarm area can be either place over your lower back or the reverse.  It is also good for hands, shoulders or any body parts for promoting blood circulation instantly. The side pocket for ultra slim rechargeable 5V2A power bank is to enhance the conveniency and mobility. The trendy and fashionable designs, narrative, color and visuals redefines the patient-typical look.  It also encourages the wearers to wear as daily fashion accessories.




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