KnitWarm x MASAMI

【KnitWarm®️ X MASAMI®️】collaboration project kicks off today. You can get KnitWarm award winning products from MASAMI counters at Sogo, Yata and AEON, etc. 

The first phase highlights “SilverTech FaceMask” with Umorfil - the ocean collagen peptide.  It is a protective cloth face cover with the dual functions of natural antibacterial and fluid-resistant. The design hinges on professional knowledge of Textile Technology and users' positive experience. It is designed and made in Hong Kong.  Four awesome colors with adult and kid size are available, while you can also customize your own SilverTech FaceMask. FaceMask uses the same natural material as Heat-conductive FaceMask, which has won the Green Award in Hong Kong Smart Design Award 2020 for the use of sustainable material, reusability, and durability.

KnitWarm®has received numerous significant international awards within 3 years, such as Red Dot Award, Hong Kong Smart Design Award and Hong Kong Emerging Brand, just to name a few.

MASAMI®, the Japanese brand, wins consumers’ recognition by excellent quality and inventive products along the years with huge success in Hong Kong since 1994. 





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Knit Warm has been filed patent protection application.