KnitWarm is recognized as “Hong Kong Emerging Brand 2018”

Our brand, “KnitWarm” is recognized as “Hong Kong Emerging Brand 2018” by the Brand Development Council and the Chinese Manufacturers’ Association. Hong Kong Emerging Brand Awards give recognition to up-and-coming young brands established by Hong Kong companies, with an aim to encourage the industries to embrace an enterprising spirit and to enhance the value-added attributes and the competitive edge of Hong Kong products through brand-building.

剛收到得獎通知,我們品牌「暖之織」獲得「2018香港新星品牌」獎項。 「香港新星品牌選舉」旨在表彰香港公司創立的新興品牌,透過創建品牌提升香港產品的附加價值和競爭能力。選舉由香港品牌發展局和香港中華廠商聯合會聯合主辦。

#KnitWarm #HongKongEmergingBrand #暖之織 #香港新星品牌

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Knit Warm has been filed patent protection application.