KnitWarm @ - Performance Days to present topic on thermal technologies

Performance Days, the pioneer in trends of the textile industry, is set to present the topic of thermal technologies at the Performance Forum during the upcoming edition of the popular trade fair. The fair will present various innovations of fabrics and accessories in functional sportswear and will be held on November 8 and 9, 2017, in Munich, Germany.

Lenzing (Tencel) has shown an innovative 3D knitting process in cooperation with the KnitWarm Limited, which produces a particularly soft, skin friendly fabric with the Tencel conductive yarns. The conductive yarns heat up when connected to an electrical source. Small pushbutton controls close the circuit and connect the cable with the fabric. The fabric is washable and the conductive yarns are not subject to corrosion, but all power supplying cables must be removed prior to washing. The conductive fabric can be applied over the entire surface or sewn on as panels to cover specific areas.

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Knit Warm has been filed patent protection application.