KnitWarm at The Woolmark Company booth in TITAS 2018

KnitWarm on wool supported by The Woolmark Company at TITAS 2018. We proudly present KnitWarm Wool innovative products. All Seasons TrenchCoat with detachable KnitWarm vest Reinventing classic style by innovative technology, made for fall through spring in almost any type of weather, saving more space in your wardrobe or suitcase. The wind and water resistant trench coat with or without the detachable KnitWarm merino wool / recycle polyester vest can cater your needs under different climate. KnitWarm can provide instant warmth once connecting with a 5V2A power bank without bulking up, for its patented self-heating knit technology. KnitWarm Shawl-NeckPillow 2in1 A woolly light-weight blanke

KnitWarm on Vogue Italia

Vogue Italia, the Italian edition of Vogue magazine, introduced ITC STORE featuring KnitWarm. “Gli highlights? Sono i Knit Warm di Stanley Kwok, con i tessuti che si riscaldano elettricamente” #KnitWarm #Vogue #VogueItalia #ITCStore #KnitWarmWrap #RedDotAward

KnitWarm on WWD

WWD introducing Hong Kong Polytechnic ITC Store, where you can find KnitWarm. "KnitWarm by Stanley Kwok, which features fabrics that heat up electrically" #ITCStore #WWD #KnitWarm #KnitWarmEyeMask #KnitWarmWrap #KnitWarmWarmerchief


頭條日報:榕榕細語——本地時裝設計師的伯樂 (節錄) ...本地盛產時裝設計師的香港理工大學,亦增設了實體教學工作室STORE,是教學平台亦是時裝店,目的為理大紡織及服裝系的學生,提供一個課室外的學習和實踐渠道... 榕榕在星期四晚參觀了他們實體店開幕,更向好幾位設計師了解整個業務流程,當中有兩大品牌絕對值得推介,一個是剛剛獲得「Red Dot Award: Design Concept 2018」的KnitWarm,利用科研混合純銀紗線,編織了可以導電發熱的針織產品,例如眼罩和護腕,實用保健又不失時尚感。 #KnitWarm #RedDotAwardDesignConcept #RedDotAward #ITCStore #頭條日報

Great Ideas Award at 2018 Lenzing Innovation Award Ceremony

Fung Fat Knitting Mfy Ltd received the Great Idea Award at 2018 Lenzing Innovation Award Ceremony in Taipei. The submission included KnitWarm EyeMask and Senty EarthMat Travel Set. Both invention are patented. The Great Ideas award was also presented to three exceptional works which integrate creativity with sustainability. The KnitWarm EyeMask presented by Fung Fat Knitting MFY Ltd. was made with TENCEL™ branded fibers, showcasing a balance between pragmatic use, comfort and sustainability. to buy EyeMask: #HKinvention #Lenzing #Tencel #KnitWarm #KnitWarmEyeMask #Award

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Knit Warm has been filed patent protection application.