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Wool masks introducing new customers to the fibre's many benefits.

Wool masks are becoming increasingly popular due to their reusable, breathable and biodegradable qualities.

Offering an alternative to the synthetic variety of face masks are new age Merino wool masks.

Not only natural, breathable, and claim to be extremely soft against the skin, they may play a significant role in introducing new consumers to the fibre's many benefits.

The KnitWarm company, based in Hong Kong, have produced a SilverTech protective cloth mask

using Australian Merino wool. The innovation was triggered when Brenda Yang, technical manager of dying and finishing from the the Woolmark Hong Kong office, was forced to make her own mask. "People are crazy for masks, but in reality it is nearly impossible to get PPE (personal protective equipment) surgical masks," Ms Yang said. "I started to make my own cloth mask by hand and at the same time I checked with KnitWarm to see if they were interested in developing a wool face mask - they were extremely happy with the concept."

Ms Yang suggested making use of the natural, water resistant ultra-dense wool fabric for the outer layer of the mask that was being used for ski jackets. The water repellency ability to expel water also provides extra protection against droplets or splashes. Ms Yang said the mask is not only breathable, regulates temperature, is reusable and biodegradable, but with ultra-fine wool used, has a high quality next to skin softness for the user. "It can be hygienically washed and reused and not to mention fashionable and natural alternative to synthetic face masks," Ms Yang said.

According to Ms Yang face masks are in high demand. "It feels like the whole world is frozen, but protective gear is moving quickly," Ms Yang said. Other companies are producing wool masks, in and out of Australia, such as Merino Country in Queensland, who developed an all Australian made mask with three layers of soft moisture wicking Merino fabric that offers an SPF of 50+. Wool masks, including the Australian made Merino Country, by clicking on

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Knit Warm has been filed patent protection application.