KnitWarm x Chet Lam

It is our honour to collaborate with Mr. Chet Lam, producer, singer, song writer, traveler. By fusing his Travelogue album series concept into our patented KnitWarm technology, we proudly present this crossover project at his ESCAPE LIVE 2018. These Chet Lam x KnitWarm travel essentials are not for sale. They are giveaway to few lucky audience attending his Escape Live 2018.

Integrated Chet's 1st album "pillow song" and his "Travelogue 1" album cover as the graphics. Travelogue KnitWarm Shawl-NeckPillow 2in1 is your warm blanket on-the-go. This convertible Shawl-NeckPillow, which is made of the ultra-soft merino wool and the silver coated conductive yarn with the patented KnitWarm technology, can be used in different ways to provide intelligent warmth to your neck, shoulder, waist or even calf, while connecting to a 5V2A rechargeable power bank with adjustable heat levels.

The Shawl-NeckPillow is your perfect travel companion. The weather is unpredictable but the Shawl-NeckPillow could warm you up anytime and anywhere.

"As Far As Love Goes" is one of the song title from Chet's "Travelogue 4 Escape". By fusing this music into our Award winning KnitWarm EyeMask, we tailored it as "As Far As Love Goes KnitWarm EyeMask".

KnitWarm EyeMask is produced by the advanced 3D-knitting technology offering the best opaque condition by inducing a state of darkness for quality sleep but still ensures the comfort because of the breathable knit. Contributed by the 3D-knitting technology, heat-conducting Eye Mask is extremely light with only 18 grams in weight and 2 mm in thickness. The main panel and the straps of the Eye Mask are made all in one piece. These extended straps are engineered to fit well with the head contour. Meanwhile, the advanced 3D-design enhances the comfortable of your eyeballs when putting on EyeMask. Once the EyeMask is connected to a 5V2A power bank, it provides the instant warmth which improves the circulation around the eyes. The mini-device with 3 adjustable heat-setting levels and the built-in timer ensure the 15-minute heat therapy at preferred temperature each time and offer the wearer an utmost comfort and safety.

How far would you travel with Chet Lam x KnitWarm travel essentials?

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Knit Warm has been filed patent protection application.