KnitWarm mask @ Beyond the Bale

Wool face masks offer a protective covering and a natural alternative to disposable synthetic face masks.

The global coronavirus pandemic has meant that wearing face masks has become prevalent for many people across the world including Australia.

Another innovative option is the SilverTech Face Mask from KnitWarm in Hong Kong. AWI’s technical team based in Hong Kong supported KnitWarm, an award-winning company with which AWI was already working, in the mask’s development.

The KnitWarm SilverTech Face Mask uses a densely woven wool fabric (made using Optim technology) as the outer layer, which provides natural water resistance to protect the wearer from water droplets and splashes, such as from coughs and sneezes. The inner layer uses a pure silver coated yarn that is antibacterial. The functional 3-D knitted design also allows for a filter, which could be a non-woven wool felt filter, to be inserted between the outer and inner layers of the mask for enhanced protection.

KnitWarm is offering a 10% discountfor readers of Beyond the Bale. Use the promotion code kw723wm when buying the face mask at The face mask is not a surgical mask.

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Knit Warm has been filed patent protection application.