KnitWarm @ ISPO Munich

KnitWarm was showcased at ISPO Munich from Feb 3rd to Feb 6th 2019 in the Woolmark Company booth. ISPO Munich is the sports industry's most successful multi-segment trade fair worldwide.

Every year ISPO honors the most exceptional products of the sports industry with ISPO AWARD. In the Urban segment of the ISPO Award, style meets function. We are honoured that our 4 in 1 Urban Jacket is recognized as the winner of ISPO Award 2019 in the Urban segment. Details:

KnitWarm 4 in 1 Urban Jacket - ISPO Award 2019 Winner

The award winning 4 in 1 Urban Jacket was displayed at The Woolmark Company booth.

the inner jacket of KnitWarm 4 in 1 Urban Jacket

the component waterproof outer jacket of KnitWarm 4 in 1 Urban Jacket

Wool Wrap, CalfSleeve and other Knitwarm products were showcased in The Woolmark Company as well. These are the prefect example of integrating the technology and the nature

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Knit Warm has been filed patent protection application.