KnitWarm 智能發熱保暖產品 限時優惠 8 折 (Jetso Today)

寒流來襲!快快入手保暖佳品!近日寒流南下,隨著冷風呼嘯,氣溫明顯下降。立即以 8 折優惠購買 KnitWarm 智能發熱保暖產品,最新上架的 #織暖小頸巾#發熱背帶 及配上 #織暖頸繩 令你全身都暖笠笠!BeLife.Store 新會員更可享折上折優惠至1月25日。

Limited time offer of 20% off on KnitWarm product on BeLife Store. Get the smart textile to warm up your winter.


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Knit Warm has been filed patent protection application.