KnitWarm 智能發熱護膝 @ TVB創科導航

一種經特別剪裁的發熱護膝,以減低運動受傷的風險和紓緩膝關節勞損的痛楚。…/innovationgps/5cb71cc1e60383b94c0a9ffd #KnitWarm #HKDI #SmartKneeSleeve #創科導航 #無綫新聞 #TVB #innovationGPS #發熱護膝 #紓緩膝關節痛楚

KnitWarm won 5 awards in HK Smart Design Award 2019

KnitWarm Shawl NeckPillow 2-in-1 won “Silver Award” and “Judge Award” at the Hong Kong Smart Design Award 2019 under “Leisure & Travel” category. The project is supported by The Woolmark Company to integrate technology and nature to enhance travelling experience. Supported by the patented KnitWarm technology, this Shawl-NeckPillow can be used in different ways to provide instant and adjustable warmth to your neck, shoulder and waist. You can wrap your shoulder with the Shawl or cover your lap with it like a blanket. Made with ultra-fine Merino Wool for its next-to-skin softness, breathability and all the natural benefits.  The Shawl NeckPil

The Woolmark Company demonstrates the latest innovations with Merino wool

Showcasing the ever-increasing possibilities created with Merino Wool, The Woolmark Companypresented the latest edition of The Wool Lab Sport and textile innovations whilst providing direct access to the world’s most innovative technical performance fabrics and yarns KnitWarm, a first-of-its-kind, patented self-heating textile, will be on display. The KnitWarm fabric has the capability to heat up within 30 seconds to offer instant warmth by plugging into a portable power bank. Excerpt from #KnitWarm #theWoolmarkCompany #innovations

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Knit Warm has been filed patent protection application.