Get your love one and yourself KnitWarm EyeMasks

“Love is Blind, But You Can See Through With The Light of Truth.” ― Martin Ugwu

Happy Valentines! Send your loved ones a comforting warmth while practicing social distancing.

KnitWarm EyeMask is a truly breathable smart textile which warms up to 40°C (104°F). It feels comforting by warm hands.

Get extra 10% off for buying 2 EyeMasks with the promo code "Love2021" until Lantern Festival

The EyeMask is tailored seamlessly to ensure wearers will be fitted comfortably. It is extremely light of only 18 grams in weight and 2 mm in thickness. The advanced 3D-design prevents eyeball discomfort when wearing for a long time and offers the best opaque condition by inducing a state of darkness for quality sleep. The warmth helps reduce tension and fatigue by stimulating blood circulation around the eyes.


情人節快樂!想喺新常態令摯愛感受你的暖意?「織暖眼罩」以高透氣度智能針織布料製作,可升溫至40°C (104°F),好比溫柔雙手送暖,令眼睛得到充分休息。


免剪裁無縫編織技術,除去令皮膚不適的縫線,彈性更高。只有約2毫米厚度、18克重量,纖薄輕巧,仿如無物,睡覺時可長時間配戴。眼罩連接行動電源, 隨時隨地熱敷雙眼,更可根據個人喜好利用控制器或智能手機程式調教最舒適溫熱,適合經常使用電子產品令眼睛疲勞的都市人,或喜愛享受美容熱敷雙眼人士使用

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