SilverTech FaceMask @ yahoo news【經濟之選】可重用口罩

香港KnitWarm SilverTech FaceMask

於香港製造、逢發織造旗下的KnitWarm銀離子口罩(SilverTech FaceMask)並非一般布口罩,以紡織機能設計,重疊開口設計,方便於中間放入濾芯,多重保護,可清洗重用。其Facebook公開的檢測報告指,透過台灣財團法人紡織產業綜合研究所以醫用手術口罩的標準測試,銀離子口罩在沒有加入任何濾芯的情況下,BFE超過90%;由香港MTS進行的抗菌測試則顯示抗菌率超過99.9%。口罩售價為$360,不含濾芯。

(translated in English) 【worth of money】reusable cloth face cover

//KnitWarm“SilverTech FaceMask” is made in Hong Kong, and invented byFung Fat Knitting Mfy Ltd. It is way beyond an ordinary cloth mask. The design hinges on professional knowledge of Textile Technology. The overlap-opening on both sides allows inserting a filter in-between for extra-protection. It is washable and reusable. This cloth mask was tested based on surgical mask standards by Taiwan Textile Research Institute. The tested sample is SilverTech FaceMask material without any filter and the result is BFE >90%. In addition, the antibacterial test result is shown 99.9% of reduction of bacteria. The retial price is HK$360 without any filter.//

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