KnitWarm EyeMask on U Magazine

Thanks U Magazine to feature KnitWarm EyeMask on "Knit on Knit" fashion styling pages. KnitWarm EyeMask is not only a Eye Shades for your trip. Travel in style with KnitWarm EyeMask and stay chic while taking rest on the plane.

KnitWarm EyeMask is a 3D knitted, ultra-soft, breathable Eye Mask brings you comfortable heat therapy anytime and anywhere.

Warmth is known to be soothing and healing for our body. The patented KnitWarm technology is using conductive yarn forming a soft & ductile textile circuit, which is knitted inside the silk-cotton yarn of Eye Mask. Once the Eye Mask is connected to the handy power bank, it provides instant warmth. The mini-device with 3 adjustable heat-setting levels and built-in timer ensure 15 minutes’ heat therapy at preferred temperature each time and offer the wearer an utmost comfort and safety. In addition, the silver yarn of the textile circuit has a natural anti-bacterial growth function for the Eye Mask. Contributed by 3D knitting, KnitWarm Eye Mask is extremely light of only 18 grams in weight and 2 mm in thickness. This advanced 3D-design can prevent eyeball discomfort from the wearable and offer the best opaque condition by inducing a state of darkness for quality sleeping time.

Eye Mask is an ideal travel companion and beyond personal fashionable goods. It is an environment-friendly green product. It is natural, chemical-free, washable, reusable and pledges to offer the wearer an alternative to opt out one-time-use eye mask without sacrificing the eye-care and jointly contribute to the sustainable environment.

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Knit Warm has been filed patent protection application.