KnitWarm® Wrap 2.0 with two extendable loops is designed to cater the flexion of ankles, elbow, knees and feet while the function remain the same as KnitWarm Wrap.


Created with the 3D breathable knitting technique, the stylish yet functional KnitWarm Wrap provides the support with the elastic brace and soothes the muscles with the patented self-heating module.  By connecting to a portable 5V2A power bank, KnitWarm Wrap provides the instant warmth which improves circulation and pacifies the muscles and tendons. Together with the compression supported by the wrap which can maintain the stability of the joint, KnitWarm Wrap is designed to alleviate the symptoms of the injured wrist.

KnitWarm Wrap 2.0 + 3000mAh ultra slim power

SKU: KF-002
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    Knit Warm has been filed patent protection application.