KnitWarm FaceMask integrates the breathable knit and seamless tailoring to offer ultimate comfort to wearers. The heat is generated in 30 seconds after connecting with a 5V2A power bank and the facemask keeps you warm in cold environment.  The outer layer is fluid resistant and is made of natural merino wool fabric.  This enhances the dryness and warmth of the mask. By integrating the yarn, which had ocean collagen added during polymerization, and the silver coated conductive yarn, the 3d knitted face mask is great for sensitive skin, odour resistant and the packing: Heat conductive face mask x 13000mAh ultra slim power bank x 1 Fabric USB cable x 1 Arm band (battery holder) x 1 Antibacterial pouch x 1User Manuel x 1

Heat-Conductive FaceMask

Seamless Pouch 加購
Power Bank 行動電源
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    Knit Warm has been filed patent protection application.