ISPO Award Winner - the internationally leading sports network ISPO honors the highlight products of the sports industry. 

UrbanJacket is designed for urban explorers with easy movement, interchangeable style to cater different weather and occasion.  The reversible jacket combines technology and nature by impling electric self-heating KnitWarm technology, located at the upper back across shoulder blades, to the breathable stretchable wool, which is naturally resistant to the build-up of unpleasant odours. Fusing KnitWarm technology with natural wool could benefit for the best wearing comfort.

UrbanJacket 獲得「ISPO全球設計獎 (城市休閒運動)」,為唯一面向全球運動行業的權威產品評選,旨在尋找產品技術、設計和性能多個方面最具有突破性表現的運動用品。

適合不同場合的都市外套,需要時接上行動電源,針織背部位置迅速升溫,達至御寒功效;雙面外套,隨個人喜好正反面穿著。KnitWarm雙面外套用上美麗諾羊毛織成,其天然抗臭及高透氣性令穿著時更舒適,企劃得到The Woolmark Company支持。

Ladies' UrbanJacket with 5000mAh power bank

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