Farewell to bulky, large and heavy clothing. Stay warm, sleek and stylish under your favorite fashion in chilly weather

  • Warming up your upper back to increase core temperature

  • Soothing stiff back

  • made of yarn recycling from 2 PET bottles

  • 88 gram weight (without battery)

  • Convenient and portable


  • 迅速溫暖背部有助提升體溫 達至御寒功效

  • 紓緩背部疲勞

  • 約兩個回收PET膠樽再造紗線編織

  • 88克重量(不連電池)方便攜帶

HarnessWarmer + 3000mAh slim power bank

HK$980.00 Regular Price
HK$784.00Sale Price
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    Knit Warm has been filed patent protection application.