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Knit Warm has been filed patent protection application. 

  • 優膚美®仿生纖維、天絲™萊賽爾纖維混紡柔軟親膚抗敏、抗臭的優異材質,濕氣管理效果卓越

  • 只有約18克重量,2毫米厚度,輕巧如無物

  • 精細柔軟,非常貼服肌膚,全面遮光

  • 特高透氣性讓雙眼及皮膚更舒適

  • 免剪裁無縫編織技術,除去令皮膚不適的縫線

  • 臂帶每邊有兩個具彈性的縫隙,讓連接扣穿過,令編織扁連接線不會接觸臉上

  • 智能手機程式或 控制器提供五段溫度調節連個人恆溫設定,定時關機(15/30/60分鐘,預設定時為15分鐘)

  • 發熱位置兩粒鈕扣之間,左右貫通

  • 建議每次熱敷15分鐘,熱敷後可繼續穿戴入眠

  • 溫熱促進血液循環,從而有助入睡

  • 備有3D針織收納袋,方便携帶


  • Mainly made of UMORFIL® Beauty Fiber and TENCEL ™ Lyocell  blend yarn. UMORFIL® is a new technology which combines ocean collagen peptide amino acid with textile materials via supramolecular technology, so there is an abundance of amino acid.  TENCEL ™ Lyocell naturally manage the transportation of moisture.

  • Only 18 grams in weight and 2 mm in thickness

  • Ultrafine and soft 3D-knitting EyeMask offers the best opaque condition by inducing a state of darkness

  • Breathable knit comfortably caresses the eyes

  • Seamless tailoring ensures extra comfort to skin

  • The control on the USB cable provides five heat-setting levels with a 15/30/60 minute timer (where the 15-minute timer is default). You may also choose your preferred heat level and duration and keep the constant temperature using the smart phone app.

  • The heat is located generated right between two snap buttons

  • Recommend wearing the EyeMask for sleep after every 15-minute heat therapy

  • The heat helps reduce tension and fatigue by stimulating blood circulation around the eyes.

  • A 3D knitting travel pouch is specially designed to keep the EyeMask.

KnitWarm EyeMask

SKU: KWE-010
Style: Amulet M