The CrossOver Scarf offers comfortable warmth like a toasty neck warmer anytime anywhere.  It is handy to bring along, easy to adjust and fit snugly. The soft and gentle heat not only for warming up in chilly weather but also for relieving stiff neck or muscle discomfort. 

Cotton / TENCEL™ Modal blended KnitWarm CrossOver Scarf

including 3000mAh ultra slim power bank

moble app controlable  




天絲™莫代爾及棉混紡「織暖小頸巾」(包含3000mAh 超薄行動電源)

CrossOver Scarf + 3000mAh ultra slim power bank - Cotton TENCEL

SKU: KTW-012
HK$980.00 Regular Price
HK$784.00Sale Price
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    Knit Warm has been filed patent protection application.