KnitWarm® Calf Sleeve offers a comfortable fit and warmth to promote blood circulation.  It is good for passive warm up or reducing muscle soreness after a workout. CalfSleeve can be used nightly for the maintenance of general health in reducing muscle cramps at night and inducing better sleep when you wear to bed. It is ideal to wear during long distance travel for increasing blood flow.


  • including 3000mAh ultra slim power bank

  • 5 adjustable heat-setting level

  • maintain constant temperature

  • 15/30/60 mins timer

  • mobile app controllable; connected up to 6 KnitWarm products

  • invented, designed and made in Hong Kong.


  • 舒適包貼小腿同時提供溫熱
  • 可作運動前局部熱身,紓緩運動後酸痛
  • 抽筋過後,熱敷可有助放鬆
  • 睡前熱敷有助減低夜間抽筋的可能性
  • 長途交通時使用可助血液循環。
  • 包含3000mAh 超薄行動電源
  • 線控 / 手機應用程式(可同時連接六件產品)
  • 100%香港研發、設計及製造



KnitWarm Calf Sleeve + 3000mAh ultra slim power

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